The Crew

David Graham
Co-Founder * Chief Executive Officer
David started as a home brewer 15 years ago
his list of accolades includes
Vice President of the Sonoma Beerocrats
he has taught beer making classes and created
award winning beers as well.
He has been featured as a Guest Brewer at local Breweries.
David spent 6 years working for
a local Whiskey Distillery here in Sonoma County
learning all aspects of the distilling process.
He brings his professional distilling experience
 to the table along with several years in the beer industry.
No matter what libations he creates, you have the guarantee
that the greatest time and effort has been given
to provide you with the taste and quality you deserve.
Justine Packard
First Mate
Co-Founder * Chief Creative Officer
In the early 90's Justine began doing graphic art
for several local bands.  As with all growing Artists
pallets and canvases change
In 2003, she changed her canvas to the Art of Tattoo.
When David & Justine decided to open
Bodega Bay Rum Co., she put Tattooing on hold in order to
focus on all creative aspects of BBRC.
Sherry Packard
Partner * Financial Systems Analyst
Sherry has 35 + years in Accounting and
has been a Specialist in IT for well over 10 years.
Known for giving great advise for decades
she is a great asset to our team.
It is truly our mission to create quality products
using only the finest ingredients.
Made with Integrity and bringing value
to our Customers hard earned dollars.
We work just as hard to bring a product
worthy of all your Celebrations!!
To everyone that works hard in Life.
And Celebrates just as hard...

We Raise Our Bottles to You!!

     Please Drink Responsibly


       Copyright 2019 Bodega Bay Rum Company